Friday, January 25, 2008

5 week update

He finally lost his cord stump! 5 weeks old and it is gone! yay! he got his first REAL bath last night.

The feedings are spacing out nicely to every 2-3 hours. I feel so much more human getting sleep in some longer stretches. Thanks to my mom, we are being successful with a paci! She somehow got him to like it! And he has been getting expressed milk in a bottle too.

I've gotten out of the house a little. Just a couple hours at a time. With breastfeeding, I need to stay on his schedule, so if he doesnt come with me I need to pump when he eats. Supply and Demand is how breastfeeding works.

We found a daycare! We are comfortable with the one we chosen, it isnt far from home and we have friends who's kids go there too. They come highly refered. It is an inhome day care. I am more comfortable with that over a daycare center. He will be the only one under 1, and there are 2 adults and up to 12 kids. Many of the kids are 3-4, so at least they can be reasoned with. I wasnt so comfortable with the daycare centers having 1 adult and 4 infants. They also charge hourly, which is great for our part time needs! I start working from home shortly. Begining of march I go back to work FT. Yicks, seems so soon. I am not ready to leave my baby.

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