Friday, August 24, 2012

Dawson's Birth Story

Dawson's due date was 8-27-12, we had a scheduled c-section on 8-20-12.

On Thursday, 8-9-12, while at work I noticed contractions.  Not painful, but noticed them.  They started in the afternoon, but I was too busy to really think about them or time them.  At 4pm I had an appointment with my OB/Gyn doctor for my 37 week routine appointment.  So I timed my contractions on the 50 minute trip to the appointment- they were between 6 and 9 minutes apart.  At the doctor's office they checked my cervix and I was dialated 2cm's and 50% effaced.  They hooked me up to monitors for a while and confirmed I was having light contractions abut 9 minutes apart.  They sent me home, and told me if I rest and they go away it is not labor.  If they continued it was labor.  We lined up help for during the night in case I had to go in.

Contractions continued until about 2am, I was able to sleep thru them a bit.  I went to work the next day, I was not prepared for leaving work for a couple months!  Around 9am the contactions started again.  They became more noticible but stayed about 9 minutes apart.  By 11 I knew I should be calling it a day, I was worried my water would break at work.  I went home, laid down and napped for an hour or more.  Woke and started timing them again, they were closer to 8 minutes apart.

At this point in time, I still didn't think this was the real deal.  They were not painful or really getting any closer together.

Chris lined up meeting my mom in Neillsville to drop off the boys to spend the weekend with her and my sister.  This was about 1.25 hours away, but closer to the hospital.  I went with, and we took our hospital bags along.  I timed contractions all the way there using this cool App on the IPod.  They were getting closer and closer.  As we approached our meeting place they began to hurt and I started to get a little worried and think that this was a stupid idea to be driving all over the place (and road construction all around).  I had to hide all this from the boys, who had no idea that we might be welcoming the baby really soon!

After the boys were safetly with Grandma, we headed to the hospital which was only 20 minutes away- whew!  I felt a little better.  We got there about 5pm, got checked in and waited an hour for the dr to check me out.  They confirmed that it was contractions on the monitor and baby was doing well.  I was at 3.5cm and 75% effaced, she said it was time to have the baby!  We were both sort of surprised that this was the real deal.

(It figured, that the one time I actually went into a nice labor on my OWN, I would have to have a c-section!  Oh well!)

By 7 I was in the OR, got the spinal, which I was in real pain and wanted ASAP.  Before delivering the baby they tied my tubes- everything aligned nicely to get this done- unlike the mirena/implanon fiasco!  In no time the doctor announced that the baby was going to be delivered and he was out!

The procedure went really well, it was my easiest c-section out of the 3.  They did have a small problem at the end... when they were counting tools and 1 was missing.  X-Ray had to come in and make sure it wasnt in me, thier first x-ray was of my chest- they had to come back and do the proper area.  This took an extra 45 minutes and I was starting to defrost- thank goodness it wasnt in me or else I would have needed to been knocked out for them to retrieve it.

Daddy was with the baby all this time, he was very content and perfect.  He was 6lb, 11 oz and 19" long  He was born at 37 weeks and 4 days.  We named him Dawson Donald.

Once I got back with baby (nearly 2 hours later), we attempting nursing which is never a breeze when you are still numb and have all sorts of stuff hooked up to you.  But it went OK.  While in the hospital Dawson did very well, he was very quiet, never cried and had to be woken to nurse.  We went home on the 14th.

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Sarah said...

<3 Love! I'm so happy for you and your "suprise!" baby. The pregnancy seemed to go by really fast.